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Are You Ready to Sign With a Music Label?

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Signing to a music label is a musicians dream. So build momentum and pay close attention to your branding, sound and fans along the way.

Be courageous and experiment with mixing different types of EDM music. Then grow your brand based on what your listeners like and react positively too. Experimenting with different MIDI drum patterns is one powerful way to make different types of EDM. Also try experimenting with vocals, various instruments and unique sounds.

Your clothes, hair, make up and overall look is another huge part of branding and personal expression. Just make sure you feel confident however you decide to dress! Find more insight about How To Look Like a Musician here.

Unique Sound
A unique sound will make you stand out! The easiest way to find your unique sound is by creating your own sounds and learning sound design. There are plenty of sound design tutorials all over this site for you to explore. But if you are new to sound design start with these two tutorials to learn how to make sounds in any DAW:

Editing Audio Clips In Ableton – Music Production Starter Guide
Mudpies and Music | How To Make EDM Sounds

Building up a fanbase is super important! Interact with your fans, listen to them and support each other. Also pay it forward, be friendly and support other musicians. The music community is made of so many people who have dreams and goals just like you. Get more tips for Building Your Fanbase.

learn edm workflow
EDM Artist and Music Producer ill.Gates on ProducerDJ

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