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How To Look Like a Professional Musician

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Looking like a musician is important for building your brand, performing your best and building a fanbase. So it is important to dress the part. Social psychologists have conducted experiments focused around performance and the clothes being worn. The conclusion of their experiments showed that when participants of a math test dressed more professionally they scored better. So it is important to dress like the musician that makes you feel the most confident.

Clothes are also a form of personal expression, just like your music. Creating unique sounds for your sparks and melodies will make your music stand out more to your fans. We have multiple collections of free music production tutorials to help you learn sound design and create your unique sound as a music producer.

The Weekly Download Lite
The Weekly Download is a diverse collection of music tutorials, EDM sound design tutorials and dj tools for learning how to make EDM on the Internet at any price. A subscription Includes LIVE workshops and a growing archive of VIP tools, sound packs, Ableton templates, samples & presets for modern producers. Check out free tutorials from the Weekly Download with our Weekly Download Lite collection of music production tutorials.

Dojo TV
Dojo TV is a free livestreaming project with videos about music, EDM production and topics relevant to the Producer Dojo Community. You can subscribe for free and there are new EDM production training videos every week! Watch some free snippets from Dojo TV Now!

The Summit EDM Livestream
The Summit is Producer Dojo’s annual premier livestream event with Electronic dance music tutorials and music livestreams. You can learn how to make EDM from Producer Dojo members at the Summit. Watch the previous Summit videos here and rsvp for next years EDM Summit Livestream.

Free music production classes for ableton
EDM Artist and Music Producer ill.Gates on ProducerDJ

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