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Free meditation with leo light work

Start Off The Week Right – Leo Lightwork Meditation


Leo Lightwork takes us on a mindful journey to a relaxing world of meditation and positivity. Kickstart your week the right way and Watch Leo Lightwork Meditation every Monday on Dojo TV with us. Meditating is a great mental exercise when channeling your inner creativity becomes stressful and hard. So join Leo Lightwork every week to take a break from making music, think about your goals and channeling your music flow.

What is Flow?
Being creative and turning your ideas into tangible or intangible forms of art is the easiest when you are in the flow. The flow is like your creative state where your ideas seem to turn into art quickly. Luckily, you do not have to be in a constant flow every day to make great music. There are so many different parts of making music and some parts might not require you to be in the flow. Learn more about channeling your flow and How To Use Mindfulness Meditation for Music Producers.

How To Find Your Flow?
Everyone is different and gets into their flow at different times. Some music producers can flow with others around and others only flow when they are alone. It is up to you to reconongnize when you are in the flow for making music. Check out our music production tip for Partying Or Not for more about finding and recognizing your flow. Your flow may be different at different stages of producing.

Why Learn Music Workflow?
Learning edm workflow techniques from others can improve your personal flow. There are so many different types of edm workflow techniques. There are workflow techniques for sound design, composing and mixing. Learn the importance of Why Learn EDM Workflow.

EDM Production Workflow. How To Make EDM
EDM Artist and Music Producer Leo Light Work on ProducerDJ

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