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How To Pick The Right Synths and Plugins

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Picking the right synthesizer and plugins is tough. Some synths and plugins have a lot of functions, and some have only a few functions. So how do you know what’s right for you and your studio? Ask yourself:

How ambitious are you?
If you are really ambitious choose gear with a lot of functions. Be aware though that learning how to use complicated gear with a lot of functions is often a huge challenge! The extra functions might over complicate your music workflow. Which is why picking gear with less functions is often a confidence booster in the studio. The less options there are, the quicker you are able to make decisions and complete a new mix. Get more advice for picking gear for your studio by watching When To Buy More Equipment For Your Studio.

What does your music workflow look like?
Buy gear that will improve your music workflow. Maybe you have been using the same gear for a long time and are ready to learn something new. Or maybe you are buying your first piece of gear.

Even if you are a maestro music producer, learning how to use your gear very well is more important than having a ton of gear. So challenge yourself to thoroughly learn your gear before upgrading. For example try Producing A Song With One Synthesizer.

What are others saying about the gear?
Don’t be shy. Ask others about what gear they like to use. Look at ratings, reviews and video reviews online. My favorite synthesizer, the Roland SH 101, is from 1982.

The Roland SH 101 doesn’t even record into my DAW. At first I wanted everything to record into my DAW and send Midi. But now with this synthesizer I have grown to love spending more time with the synthesizer before going into the DAW.

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