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how to mix edm training with Knard on Dojo TV

The Secret To Making EDM Mixes Flow – Mixing With Knard


EDM mixes flow better when the superloop is blended together with effects that create anticipation and feelings. Adding effects to a mix is like the phase 2 of creating edm and a good step to have in your music workflow. Watch Knard break down his strategy for adding effects and details to his edm mixes and superloops.

Why Learn Music Workflow?
Learning music workflow is the best thing you can do for your career as a music producer. It is like the secret process to becoming the music producer you always wanted to be. Learning sound design is also important, but music workflow is what helps you get your music ideas into a DAW. If you need more convincing to learn music workflow watch this great video about Why You Need To Learn Music Workflow? Seriously learn music workflow. Better yet learn the music workflow strategy timer beats!

Timer Beats
Timer Beats is music workflow strategy that focuses on creating superloops faster. Timer beats helps a lot of music producers get past creative roadblocks and make decisions faster. Timer beats will accelerate your music production workflow, create more beats, and start finishing more EDM mixes. You can learn the secrets to timer beats with the Ill.Methodology Workflow Workshop or by joining the Weekly Download. Watch How to Finish Tracks and Work Faster with Timer Beats for a sneak preview. 🙂

How To Stay Focused In The Music Studio
Making timer beats is a lot easier when you properly prepare for producing. The key to this is time management and dividing your studio time into different sessions. Hang out with Luke Rain to learn about different types of studio sessions and How To Stay Focused In The Music Studio.

learn edm workflow
EDM Artist and Music Producer Knard on ProducerDJ

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