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What is Spectral Processing in Ableton?

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What is spectral processing in Ableton? Spectral processing is like the inverse equation of additive synthesis. Both are trying to create a unique waveform out of other waveforms and data. But the waveforms generated are made using variables with different equations. So an additive synthesis waveform will sound different from a waveform generated with spectral processing. Plan to spend time manipulating with these applications to further familiarize yourself with the sounds that can be created.

Spectral Resonator
Using the spectral resonator on drums is a great for creating a warped chord style drum pattern. Then you can adjust the frequency of the resonator to adjust the pitch and make the drums more dark. The spectral resonator can be used with the DAW or Midi data.

The spectral resonator is very versatile and fun to use. Challenge yourself and try using it on vocals. You might make some cool robot voices with it.

All the spectral plugins are super powerful. They can almost act like an instrument using very little data. They are very useful for creating unique sci-fi, glitchy and aquatic sounds that are out of this world. These plugins are great for making unique sounds.

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