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The Art of DJing – DJing For Beginners

How To DJ For Beginners

Start your DJ career right by learning about the Art of DJing. Whether you are DJing your own music or DJing your favorite music, understanding how to transition and read your audience will help you create an awesome vibe for your audience. Also learning how to beat match with the Camelot System and how to organize music in Rekordbox can improve your live performances.

How To Mix In Key – Camelot System
The Camelot wheel helps DJ’s mix in key and transition. Examples of music keys are A Minor, E Major, F-Sharp Minor and A-Flat Major. The Camelot wheel is a diagram that helps musicians transition between keys and know which keys are best to transition between. Check out How To Mix In Key with the Camelot Wheel to learn more.

How To DJ With Rekordbox
Rekordbox is a software used to organize music files for DJing. There are many different ways to organize your music files for a DJ set but learn about Ill.Gates strategy by watching How To DJ With Rekordbox. Having your music files organized in Rekordbox will make transitioning while DJing easier.

How To Make EDM Music
If you want to start producing EDM music to DJ with check out our free tutorials for How To Make EDM. There are tutorials about sound design, drum sound design, mixing edm, Ableton tutorials and music philosophy.

The Art Of Djing is part of an online DJing course that will be released by Producer Dojo soon. Check back soon for the sign up link.

Learn How To DJ online
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