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How To DJ With Rekordbox – DJing For Beginners


Learn how to DJ with Rekordbox, choose songs for your set list and organizing your playlists. Being organized is a great time saver. It will give you more time to turn other knobs.

Playlists are the best. You can spend less time looking for each song when you use playlists. Design your playlists around a song, feeling fan favorite, remixes and many more themes. Learn how to choose songs for a DJ set list.

Most DJ performances are 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you can fill the whole set with original content that is awesome and always super fun. DJing with other music is also great when you don’t have enough originals. You can actually learn a lot about music by learning to DJ.

*This How To DJ with Rekordbox tutorial is part of an online DJing course that is coming soon from Producer Dojo. Check back soon for more information.

Learn How To DJ online
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