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How To Mix In Key (Camelot Wheel) – DJing For Beginners

How To DJ For Beginners

Learn how to mix in key using the Camelot Wheel. The camelot wheel displays major keys and minor keys by relevancy. So playing songs in keys that are located close to each other on the camelot wheel should sound good together. For example the playing a song in C major and A minor at the same time should sound good according to the camelot wheel.

The camelot system is a beat matching tool for DJs, that should be use as a suggestion. The camelot wheel works great for groups of songs that hum along the same key and beat, but not for a lot of different keys and beats. DJing with different beats can be fun. So if your intuition and ears enjoy two songs on opposite sides of the camelot wheel, or different genres, then chances are your fans will too.

Experimenting with different drum beat patterns is an awesome way to produce music in different genres of EDM. Check out our Drum Sound Design Tutorials and our EDM Midi Drum Patterns Tutorial: Techno, House and Dubstep to learn about making different drum patterns with midi controllers.

Having the right energy and look also helps you stand out as a DJ. It is really important dress the part and look like a musician. Finding your unique look as a musician is just as important as finding your unique sound by learning how to make your own sounds and iterative resampling.

*This tutorial about the Camelot System is part of an online DJing course that is coming soon from Producer Dojo. Check back soon for more information.

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