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drum patterns and drum sound design for edm production

Street Drum Kit Pattern Basics


Make groovy drum beat patterns using a polyrhythmic pattern to create a cycle of 3 over a cycle of 4. Finger drumming a classic drum beat pattern with a unique laser zap sound will help animate your drum beat and entertain your listeners. The drum beat created in this MIDI drum pattern tutorial was in the track Trapezoid by Ill.Gates x UHNK.

By signing up for Ill.Methodology Drum Sound Design Workshop you get access to the Trapezoid drum rack and learn about many more types of MIDI Drum Patterns. Some drum topics you will learn about are:

Iterative Resampling
Making Kits (Patterns, Boombox Kit, Open Your Eyes Kit, Noise Kit, Expanded Kit, Trap Kit, Themed Kits and much more)
Unusual Drum Processing

Check out 5 Free Ableton Drum Programming Tutorials for Music Producers to learn more about working with drums in Ableton and other DAWS. The tutorials are made in Ableton but the concepts and ideas can be used in many DAWs.

drum patterns and drum sound design for edm production
EDM Artist and Music Producer ill.Gates on ProducerDJ


EDM classes and studio worklfow for music producers

This truly is the complete collection of ill.Gates work as a music educator. Serving the needs of producers, this is becoming a complete set of linear videos, sounds, racks, template solutions to music production.

When you buy the Complete Collection, you get access to exclusive learning for music producers and free updates for life!
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