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What Are You Reading? Leo Light Work Meditation


Join Leo Lightwork Meditation every Monday on Dojo TV for a calming journey of channeling your inner flow. This week Leo Light Work gives us a glimpse of his reading passion and how a positive, open mindset can lead you to learn new skills. Here are 3 skills that you should always have an open mindset to learning about:

Music Workflow
Channeling your music creativity and getting in the flow is easier when you know successful music workflow strategies. The successful music workflow strategy taught at Producer Dojo is Timer Beats. This strategy teaches you how to make decisions quickly and guides you through what types of decisions to make. Seriously stop giving yourself headaches and learn music workflow! Get a sneak peak of Timer Beats here.

Sound Design
There are so many sound design techniques. There are sound design techniques for drums, bass, vocals, new sounds and much more. Start learning about sound design and distortion now so you can free your self from sample packs and start developing your unique sound as a producer. Check out our free sound design tutorials here.

Get Organized
Making music and preparing for making music are two separate concepts for music producers! So it is super important to stay organized, create goals and finish music. Join the Dojo and Dojo TV if you want all the secrets for staying organized as a music producer and reaching your goals.

How To Mix EDM
EDM Artist and Music Producer Leo Light Work on ProducerDJ

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