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Are You Taking Music Too Serious?

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Some musicians make music by themselves while other musicians make music at the party. Figuring out what atmosphere is best for your music creativity is important for improving your music workflow. You can also improve your music workflow by signing up for The Workflow Workshop and learning about Timer Beats from Producer Dojo.

Timer Beats
Timer Beats is an edm workflow technique that music producers use to finish tracks faster. Watch our free Timer Beats tutorial and free Timer Beats Tutorial for Making Templates to learn more about this awesome edm workflow technique.

Sound Design
Use Mudpies, Iterative Resampling and Warping to create your own sounds. Using these edm workflow techniques for sound design will help you stand out as a music producer.

Remixing is fun, great for networking and an awesome way to step out of your comfort zone as a music producer. If you are feeling stuck working with your own music, try remixing a song from a different genre of edm. Learn more about How To Remix and download free edm stems here for remixing.

EDM Production Workflow. How To Make EDM
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