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How To Make Better EDM Melodies

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Making melodies that people are going to remember will help you build an awesome fanbase and get others to talk about your sound. But writing a memorable melody can sometimes be hard and make you feel like your stuck. You might just feel like your melody is awesome and unique but just isn’t hitting where you want it to. By learning to flip your melodies you can stumble upon a awesome new melodies. Here are some steps for flipping your melodies into awesome new EDM songs:

Chop Up Your Melody
Take the sounds in your melody and chop it up into individual sounds. Start by chopping up the best sounds if your melody is really complex and has a lot of sounds. Remember to simplify and resequencing the song when your stuck.

Add Your Sounds To A Midi Controller
Add each of your sounds to 16 pads or any Midi controller that has some buttons and knobs. You really do not need a super expensive MIDI controller to flip your melodies.

Finger Drum Your Melodic Sounds
Start experimenting with all your sounds on the MIDI controller and finger drum away to flip your melody. You will be able to hear all your awesome, melodic sounds in different arrangements and might just drum upon an awesome new melody!

*Extra Dojo Tip
This Flip It Technique can also be use to create new melodies from melodies that are already awesome! It is important to create a unique sound as a music producer and one of the best ways to do that is to reuse your sounds! So start using MIDI controllers to flip your best melodies into awesome new EDM songs.

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