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How To Layer Drums In Ableton


Layer drums in Ableton and other DAWs to make the drums more powerful and impactful. Start off by duplicating the kick of the drums and adding operator and tuning effects. Then layer the new, duplicated drum kicks with the original kicks.

Operator Effect
The operator in Ableton helps change the pitch of the drums. It can be used like a synthesizer on drums. Use the operator on the drum kick and layer it over the original kick to make the kick more sharper and powerful.

Re tune the drum kicks after they are layered. First duplicate the new drums. Then take the duplicate and cut out everything but the kick. Open the spectrum into in Ableton and see where the pitch (hertz) of the new layered drum kick is. Then apply that pitch and hertz to your drums.

Try using the operator effect on the transients of the snare too. Layer the transients of the snare with the new transient. Then duplicate the drums and isolate the transient in one of the drum lines so you can figure out the pitch using the spectrum view.

Drum Processing
Improve your drum sound design and learn how to fix drum beat problems with isolation, control, frequency and time with our Unusual Drum Processing Tutorial. Then check out Unusual Drum Processing Part 2 to learn more about adding effects and overlaying samples on drum loops.

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