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Trap Jesus sets goals for remixing his life in 2019

Trap Jesus wants to help you remix your life in 2019

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In 2018, I remixed my life.

It was a new year, and I wanted something new. I wanted to be able to see the path, the path toward being the producer I knew I could be. I had dreams of playing EDM sets at festivals but no mentorship to make that dream feasible. Late one night I saw a Facebook ad for ill.Gates Workflow Webinar. I was so impressed by that one class I made the big decision to step up and join the Class of 808. With that big decision came more specific decisions. I made the decision to not be shy, and to submit for track feedback and apply the advice. I decided I would not only submit, but that I would get a track accepted on every mixtape of 2018. I decided I would begin releasing my music to services like Spotify and Soundcloud, something I hadn’t done in years because I was waiting for my sound to be up to par. I decided I would dedicate even more time to music than I had the year before, and make the Producer Dojo the reason and the tool to do so.

The structure of the class of 808 helped me turn those decisions and goals into plans. Every month there was a mixtape to shoot for, with a fun set of rules to follow. Every mixtape has a feedback section where I can get direct advice on version after version of my new song. Every piece of feedback came specific tips on how to better my track, complete with links to videos that taught me how to fix the issues my song was up against. I was able to grow so much as a producer while sticking to my plan to accomplish my goals. I had a total of 14 songs accepted over 9 mixtape opportunities (some of which will be released early 2019), I released 9 songs to Soundcloud and 4 to Spotify, Apple music and all major streaming platforms.

In 2019 I’m going to help you remix your life.

I’m stepping fully into my new role as a Producer Dojo Sensei, and my goal here is to help the Class of 808 Ninjas level up belts! I’ll be teaching the ill Methodology and encouraging the use of cookbook recipes and beat timers to help new Ninjas break thru inertia and start some beat making momentum. I’m ready to give tons of track feedback and recommend all my favorite Weekly Download videos, ready to have more great one on one video lessons and meet you all face to face to give you the most in depth assistance possible to help you manifest your music.

To take it further, this year as a musician I will focus on an EP for the Producer Dojo label, and I will release tracks on label compilations as well. For the first time this February I will participate in February Album Writing Month, writing at least 14 songs in 28 days. I’m also going to be making more sample packs for you all to dig into; I had so much fun making my Merry Trapsmas pack that I also made a Trappy New Year pack!

And, as a cherry on top, this year I’ll be adding some tools to my toolbox (carpenter humor lol). In 2019 I will practice my DJ skills at least 8 hours a week. I will learn to stream and record myself doing beat making videos and tutorials. In 2019 I will also focus on learning more about leadership and organization, and I will make a return to planning and promoting live events.

Are you ready to remix your life with me and the Dojo Team?

Trap Jesus

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