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Tour Hacking with Micahel Walker at

Tour Hacking With Modern-Musician Founder Michael Walker


Michael Walker founded to help musicians grow their fanbase and transition from performing locally to performing nationally. Musicians of all genres have adopted his marketing strategies to connect with fans, get more views online and get recognized by bigger agencies. One of Michael Walkers most well known strategies is Tour Hacking.

Tour Hacking focuses primarily on building a relationship with new fans. You can find new fans at shows with music similar to the music your produce. It is easier to build a relationship with your fans when you share your music, ideas and goals in person. Michael Walker shares more insight about Tour Hacking in this episode of Ill.Communication.

Michael Walker also creates Vision Maps and Vision Tanks to organize his goals and track his progress. The Vision Map is used for outlining your goals and possible ways to achieve them. A Vision Tank is a collection of evidence that shows you are achieving your goals. Michael shares his Vision Maps and Vision Tanks in this interview!

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