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The Ju Ju Jetpack Project

Mitch Brady already made his initial impact into the sound sphere with his tune M-SHE being featured on ill.Gates Presents Class Of 808 Compilation which charted in the top 100 on iTunes. He recently combined forces with LionSounD to create The Ju Ju Jetpack Project. The EP starts with their remix of Tremble, who breathes a warm sultry and sometimes haunting vocals over instrumentation that enhances the entire performance, Depths goes as its namesake suggests, deeper with a downtempo take on Future-Bass vibes, before the final two tunes elevate the vibe to uplifting EDM, that radiates Happy Days and celebration.

When asked to explain the project they replied: The Ju Ju Jetpack Project is the combined energies of a mountain wino and a cosmic explorer. The mission: to forge awesome sounds, create intoxicating atmospheres, and inspire imagination….. with jetpacks. Our relation was born at a small music festival in the mountains of Montana, after previewing LionSounDs newest release on Beatport we connected to test the LINK feature of our favorite music software, Ableton. With our powers combines we made our first track in a small day time session and haven’t stopped working together since.

Producer Dojo is an extension of the ideals started on The Class Of 808. ill.Gates has ongoing groups of producers as students through his ProducerDJ courses and the graduating students that are throwing down some awesome beats will be featured on the new appropriately named sub-label, Producer Dojo.

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