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Spiderhound Launches the Elteres 128 Sample Pack

Spiderhound delivers Sci-flavored sounds in the Elteres 128 Sample Pack

If you are looking for left field sci-fi flavored sounds then the Spiderhound Elteres 128 is right up your alley. I have created some really cool spacey sounds using my Moog Sub 37 and electric guitars and I have also captured sounds using my High Definition field recorder. In addition to experimental sound design you will also get a variety of organic sounds including bells, glasses, knives, kitchen appliances, electric razors and more! If for some reason you do not want to use the 128 device that I created for you in Ableton Live 10, you will still be able to access over 1.5 GB of samples within the 128 Samples folder. No matter what DAW you use, this product will work for you and help you to take your productions to the outer reaches of this galaxy and beyond.

You can purchase the new sample pack here

Now Available

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