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SkaaRz Hits Hard On His New Cyberbass EP, “Throw Away Your Life”

(SkaaRz) is an electronic music Producer/DJ from Phoenix, Arizona. SkaaRz is half Native American (Navajo) & half French Canadian and he has been making a name for himself with 2021 & 2022 SoundCloud releases. Creating new NFT releases on (openseas) & with new merch on its way, SkaaRz has been evolving from part-time to soon to be full-time music producer/DJ! SkaaRz released his new EP, “Throw Away Your Life” on the Producer Dojo label on Jan. 20, 2023. On his new EP, SkaaRz invites you to jump into the cyberbass universe to enjoy his unique in-depth sound design. The Producer Dojo team sat down with SkaaRz to learn more about his new EP and deluxe digital bundle now available on the ProducerDJ marketplace.

Producer Dojo: Tell us about yourself and what does your artist name mean to you?

SkaaRz: Greetings! I’m SkaaRz from Phoenix, Arizona. My artist name represents the past difficulties & accomplishments I went through to keep moving forward in a positive way.

Producer Dojo: Tell us a bit about your “Throw Away Your Life” release. What does it mean to you? How did it come about? What challenges did you face? How do you feel about the results?

SkaaRz: The Throw Away Your Life EP is something that is nostalgic & a little bit of that old school feel. The challenges I faced were that some of the tracks were like a few years old: therefore finding the old files was a pain. I feel happy & confident about the results! Future releases are going to be big bangers!

Producer Dojo: What’s in your deluxe digital package? Who is it for? What do we get?

SkaaRz: This deluxe package has a nice collection of ideas & hype for song starters! It contains a wide range of nice little details to full blown details that can help complete that final track! Included in the bundle are bass one shots, synth shots, basslines, advanced bass designs, sub basses, custom vocal designs done by my personal voice to sound all robotic & cyber, and lets not forget the extras I placed in there!
Here is the full list of contents in the TAYL Deluxe Digital Bundle:

  • SkaaRz – Throw Away Your Life EP
  • SkaaRz – CYBER BASS Sample Pack Vol. 1 (Over 500+ sounds of cyberbass samples)
  • SkaaRz – Limited Edition TAYL EP Video Teasers

SkaaRz – TAYL Deluxe Digital Bundle

Producer Dojo: What are you most excited about lately?

SkaaRz: Lately, I’m excited for how 2023 is going to open up so many opportunities for SkaaRz, and I would love to keep pushing for more bass/dance electronic music for big events!

Producer Dojo: Do you have any advice you would give your younger self?

SkaaRz: I’m glad that I never quit or gave up making music!

Producer Dojo: Is there anything you want to add?

SkaaRz: Focus on your craft, learn from mistakes, and never spend 15 mins on sound designing or you will get that writer block of death.

Producer Dojo: Where can we find you online?

SkaaRz: SkaaRz or SkaaRzofficial on any music platform! Check out the list below:

Follow SkaaRz on Social Media: SC, SP, FB, IG, TW

Grab the new Producer Dojo/SkaaRZ TAYL Deluxe Digital Bundle here.

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