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Sea Legs: Producer Dojo Showcase ft. Matter, Trigem, and Zodiak iller – Las Vegas March 28th

Producer Dojo is proud to announce their first showcase on March 28th in Las Vegas with SuperKollider Sound.

Ian Erlandson heads up SuperKollider Sound and I had a chance to speak with him about his company and the exciting showcases that they put together including the very first Producer Dojo Showcase on March 28th in Las Vegas.

Ian, please tell us the details about the Producer Dojo Sea Legs Showcase in Las Vegas on March 28th.  How did this come about?

Sea Legs by SuperKollider Sound

We’ve all been big fans of ill.Gates for years.  He would do great instructional videos online and I started watching those for production tips.  That’s where I first heard about Producer Dojo. My brother got involved in the Class of 808 around the time we got our Hennessey system.  I suddenly had the ability to play a lot of unreleased Dojo tracks on high quality speakers. Tracks like “Cold” with Matter and Vaedynn on the Class of 808 compilation, and “Wonk” on Trigem’s new EP.  I had seen Matter once previously, so he was already on my radar as a solid producer, who has a large arsenal of bangers.  With Trigem, he has that instantly recognizable bass design, and I knew I needed a live preview. His new EP is fire btw!  I found Zodiak Iller on SoundCloud and really vibed with his broad range of styles. He does everything from dubstep, to glitch, to gnarly metal remixes (check out that Rise of Serapis tribute), so I knew he would be the perfect way to round out this already stacked lineup.  There were honestly so many good producers in the Dojo to choose from, the hard part was narrowing it down to one lineup!

How long have you been working in Vegas and what are the most exciting aspects of your job?

I’ve been here about a year.  I came from the Denver bass scene, where I got spoiled by venues like The Black Box and Cervantes.  I moved here and started SuperKollider Sound with my good friend Josh Sigal, and we started putting together our show, Sea Legs.  It came from this Run The Jewels song, and we have a sort of underwater aesthetic. Producing this show has been the most exciting part of my job.  There’s always a rush putting all the pieces together leading up to a show. Curating lineups is easily my favorite part of the job, especially bringing new talent to the forefront, and exposing the heads to new music.  We get to be involved with the music at the ground level, and it has been very rewarding seeing the response from the local community.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

“Same thing we do every year, Brain…take over the world!”  Haha, no seriously, we’re in this because we’re fans first. Fans of the music and love for the community we live in.  Our goal for 2019 is to provide high quality sound for as many events as possible, and help create a sustainable bass scene here in Vegas.  We have a great network with Hennessey Sound Design that allows us to collaborate at festivals, and we hope to expand our production to work larger stages, with bigger production, and full lighting/mapping options for our clients.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Special thanks to ill.Gates for making this showcase possible!  Producer Dojo is filling a need that no one else is, and it’s super important.  It’s the best way to immerse yourself in sound design, learn new techniques, and push yourself to be a better producer.  Hope to see everyone in Vegas for this showcase!

Get your tickets to the showcase here.

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