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New EDM Music Producer Dojo Grainstorm Cypher Curated by DWELM

Producer Dojo Grainstorm Cypher Curated by DWELM

New EDM Producer Dojo Grainstorm Cypher Curated by DWELM is the 30th Producer Dojo Cypher explores Granular Synthesis! Granular synthesis is a conceptually simple yet quite versatile form of synthesis that merges the organic with the digital to form all sorts of crazy textures, ambiences, basses, and glitches. Apply a lot of voices and reverb and you can create lush pads and sweeps, or turn the grain size down and make crazy warbling morphing basses out of mere drum loops. The challenge for this cypher was to write a track that prominently features granular synthesis in the core elements of the track.

Curated by Producer Dojo Blackbelt, DWELM, the results are hard hitting and mesmerizing. Please follow each of the talented artists on the Cypher to learn more about them!

Cypher 30: Grainstorm Curated by DWELM

Track list:
0:00 – 0:30 INTRO
0:30 – 03:17 – Shadow Gauge (@shadow-gauge) – Granular Nightmare
03:17 – 4:32 – KFiSH (@kfishbeats) – Stepback
04:32 – 06:37 – Hello Ego (@helloego) – Whet Bounce
06:37 – 08:36 – NE Heights (@neheightsmusic) – Particle Dreams
08:36 – 09:51 – Schuz (@schuzmusic)- Renegade
09:51 – 11:06 – Luke Rain (@lukerainmusic)- Can’t See the Ground
11:06 – 13:09 – Revs (@revs-music)- Get What We Do
13:09 – 15:22 – Cryptochronica (@cryptochronica) – Bones
15:22 – 17:31 – Modality (@modality_music) – Scintilla

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