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New Kermode Chameleon EP Stem Pack

I caught up with Kermode to learn about his experience running a SKIO Music remix contest and putting together the impressive Chameleon Remix LP. He also gave me the inside scoop on his newest Chameleon EP Stem Pack now available in the ProducerDJ Marketplace.

Jeanot, Big ups on the release of the new Chameleon Remix LP. Tell us how this album went from a SKIO remix contest to an amazing LP remixed by 10 talented artists?

It all really started with me simply wanting to grow on the main concept behind the original EP, which is  “change.” What better way to build on change then to see how other artists could change the tracks into their own. After that, and the approval from the Dojo, I started reaching out to artists who I thought would be a good fit. I put a lot of thought into the artists I reached out to. People whose sounds really inspired me, friends on the cutting edge. While I was reaching out to those remixers, I was simultaneously talking to SKIO about setting up the remix contest. So really the contest and other remixers were all being coordinated in parallel. It was a fun balancing act.

Do you have a favorite song on the LP and why?

It’s really hard for me to pick favorites, there are so many different styles and interpretations on the record that I find my favorite changing all the time. I just recommend people discover theirs for themselves. Each artist who did a remix seriously blew me away.

Tell us about the new Chameleon Remix LP Stem Pack available in the Producer DJ marketplace. 

Well one thing I really appreciated from this whole process was simply seeing how creative some people can be when given remix stems to work with. So I ended up deciding to stem out the whole EP for people to grab. Previously only Chameleon’s stems were available with the remix contest, but now the 4 other tracks are also included in this pack. I’m super excited to see what people do with them, or even for people to simply chop up the sounds to play with. 

Your YouTube tutorials are awesome. What is your approach for creating content (from idea generation to post production) and how do you schedule it all in?

As much as I love making tutorials, I try to make it as non intrusive into my music schedule as possible. Usually this means 1 or 2 days a month I just try to bust out several videos in one go. So often it’s me sitting down, seeing what ideas come to mind on the spot, and then making them then and there. I used to put a lot more time and thought into it, but right now I’m so engrossed in music making that tutorials are simply not the priority. Don’t worry though, I still love sharing information, so although it’s not my main focus, I still like keeping the videos coming out regularly. 

What can we expect from Kermode in 2021?

There isn’t too much I can talk about right now. What I can say is I’ve really been exploring my own creativity, trying new things in the studio, and continuing to grow as an artist. I think I better understand who I am as a musician and what I want to achieve with Kermode. All I can say is that when shows come back, there will be LOTS of new music.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? 

Really I just encourage everyone to go check out all the remixers on the album. Each of them are absolutely incredible and deserve a deep dive into their discography. This album is more theirs than mine, so if you like what you hear go support them 🙂 

Stream/Download the Kermode Chameleon Remix LP here

Follow All of the Artists on SoundCloud and Social Media below: 

Kermode, Killin’ VoidSo Sus, FarfetchD, RIOHTZ, Munchii, Spiderhound, Sam Winter, Konka, Kryojen, Smiles Only

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