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Mr. BIll Podcast featuring Ill.Gates

Mr. Bill Podcast Featuring Ill.Gates

Mr. Bill Podcast Episode 100

Listen to the 100th episode of the Mr. Bill Podcast here Ill.Gates interviews the podcast icon himself, Mr BIll. Ill.Gates and Mr.Bill are astonishing music producers that teach music producers all around the world. They are electronic music sound design fanatics that make music individually and together in their iconic duo, Mr. Bill Gates.

Learn EDM Music Production from Ill.Gates
Ill.Gates is the founder of the EDM record Label Producer Dojo. Producer Dojo is a Record Label with a vision. To unite musicians in collaboration and camaraderie, creating a thriving community where producers train, grow, and get paid. Join the Producer Dojo Community for exclusive EDM Producer tools for making music like sample packs, project files and EDM Classes. Start your Producer Dojo journey with these free EDM Production Tutorials and learn about sound design and music workflow by Ill.Gates.

Learn about EDM Music Production from Mr. Bill
Mr. Bill is an Ableton master. Mr. Bills tutorials about making music and and using Ableton will take your production skills to the next level. When you sign up to learn music production from Mr. Bill you gain access to tutorials, live streams, sample packs and project files. Start your journey of Becoming a Hardcore Abletoneer with Mr. Bill Today!

Learn more about sound design workflow from Ill.Gates and Mr.Bill by watching Ill.Communication

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