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iLL Gates Moog One Synth Patches and Samples

Moog One Sample Pack | Moog One Sound Pack | Moog One Synth Patches

I know what you might be thinking, and that title is exactly what you read. The sounds of the $8,000 Moog One are here. The 16 voice, polyphonic synth is highly regarded as one of the biggest and baddest Moog’s available. if you don’t believe me, open up a new tab and google “Moog One 16”. I (Matter) remember going over to the Dojo right after iLL.Gates got it for the first time and when he told me how much it cost I tried not to laugh. I mean seriously, who spends eight grand on a synth? Then I heard it. At that moment I came to a conclusion, I needed to find a way to get my hands on a Moog One.
Moog One Sample Pack and Sound Kit for Making Beats and EDM Music

For most people, $8,000 is out of budget on a synth, let alone an entire studio setup. When iLL told me he wanted to sample it and make patches I knew this was my chance (and maybe my only one at that) to get the best synth I’ve heard on my computer and in my music. So I recorded 82 multi-sample patches for myself thinking I just walked away with a steal for 14 hours of recording. But the real steal here is that he’s giving away all of those patches for just under twenty bucks. The way I see it, is even if the Moog One had 1,000 Presets and the presets were worth only 10% of what the synth itself is; a “fair” price would be $65.80 for the patches we’re offering you.

I’m not going to say that the price of this isn’t going to go up, but i’m also not sure how iLL is going to react when he sees us giving away his Moog One patches for less than 25 cents a piece. Seriously, If you’re thinking about getting this at all I would not hesitate because I know that one (or more) of my bosses is not going to approve of what we’re doing right now and I doubt that these patches stay up here forever.  Click the image below to grab it before something happens.

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