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mixing in mono

Mixing In Mono <250hz

Pro tip:

Many mono sub plugins are SUMMING the L/R to mono, which can cause cancelling if the left and right are detuned (as is the case with the default Serum unison spread).

Instead what I like to do is take ONLY THE LEFT for use as a sub. You can do this with the Ableton utility plugin.

I make a frequency splitter rack using the Multiband Compressor set to 0% compression and then set a utility to left only for the band below about 100 or 120.

Extra pro tip:

Only ever do this (or any process) if you have a REASON to do it. Applying a bunch of arbitrary “shoulds” you read on the internet is a recipe for a shitty, digital sound.

Every time you use a process (especially eq) you gain something, but also LOSE something. Many of my best sounding mixes involve almost no processing on the sounds beyond some group compression and clipping.

EQ and compressor are NOT always necessary! Try to get away with unprocessed sounds whenever possible, the fidelity you gain is worth it.

Also check out this awesome way to Test Audio Compressors.

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Lots of love

Dylan aka ill.Gates

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