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Matter Brings Your Mix To The Next Level

The biggest difference between a professional musician and a bedroom producer is the quality of production. So many people have the creative skill to take them beyond what they could believe themselves to be capable of but there’s one thing holding them back.

When I (Matter) listen to people’s tracks on soundcloud, the first thing I listen to is how well the mix is balanced, if there’s any harsh frequencies, and other issues that could have been avoided had the artist simply had access to the knowledge that I do. This has led to countless attempts of me reaching out to artists to ask them if I could mix their tracks for them and remaster them myself in order to reach a specific threshold of quality for production. To be honest it takes a lot of time and effort to do that, and it’s something I have been pushing myself to help others with.

When I thought to myself, what could I possibly do to give people the knowledge and show them how to mix a track that’s 90 percent of the way there but is just missing that last little bit that makes an okay track into a great track? The first thing I did was call up my good friend Vaedynn and tell him to come over to my place. I was going to mix and master his track for him and record the whole thing.

The Idea itself was simple, but it took almost 8 hours of work to get that one track to the point where it sounded like it was a professional track. What I did after that was meticulously edit 8 hours of video down to 2 and a half hours of pure music gold. Every part of the process was captured showing how to deal with problematic frequencies, mix each type of instrument individually, and balance everything together in separate groups. this video is something that has the capability to turn an average producer into a top level producer.


I also included every single rack that I used throughout the process of mixing Vaedynn’s track separately (or both together in the bundle) for anyone who uses ableton live 10. In addition to the mixdown racks I specifically made for this project, I also included 10 more racks from my personal collection of racks including an imager, a mastering chain, vocal effects, and glitch racks for processing sounds.

I can’t stress this enough. The mixdown portion of working on a song is arguably the most important part of finishing a song. the difference between a good mix and a bad mix is measured in how your music is perceived by others. When things sound bright, clean, and loud people more often than not automatically take you far more seriously than they would if your track sounds like you wrote it and hit export when you finished.

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