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new edm album and sample pack

MAD-LAB Debut EP and Sample Pack

MAD-LAB has been busy cooking up bangers in their secret lab. Who are these Mad Scientists?

“MAD-LAB” is a Mad Collaboration between Parker White, a Ski Bum/Heavy Bass Producer out of Colorado and Wayne Karim, a Chemist / Multi instrumentalist From California whose focus is on guitar and piano. This is a No-Genre-Specific project aimed at bringing you the best of Science and Music. We had a chance to sit down with Parker and Wayne and learn more about their production journey and the making of their debut EP.

Congratulations on the release of your debut MAD-LAB EP! How much time did it take for you to complete the EP and what did you learn along the way? 

About 6 months. 4 out of the 5 tracks were made before we moved to Denver together and then after having the Base for everything we got in the studio and added the guitar which completely changed the whole vibe and added the “Magic” as we like to call it. Along the way we learned how more creative we can be together and how taking the time to make things right is the way to go.

What were the most groundbreaking concepts that you learned while making your EP? 

Collaborate with friends, 2 minds are better than one and it’s twice the amount of ideas. Also going into a session and not having any specific direction and letting creativity just happen is how I find you get the result.

What are some of your favorite approaches for quickly getting a great idea down in the DAW? 

Start with the drop, make sure you have 4-8 bars of something actually amazing before making a whole song cause if you can’t make 4 bars of something awesome then the rest of the track doesn’t matter, plus you can make the intro more cohesive and foreshadow the drop a lot easier and create chords and melodies for the track easier.


How do you approach Collabs? Do you have any best practices to share?

The way we approached it was having the song already done for the most part and then having Wayne freestyle guitar over the whole track for a couple takes giving harmonics/chords/melodies to play with then going in and picking out our favorites and arranging the track around the guitar.

MAD-LAB Sample Pack Vol.1

Tell us about your new Product available in the Producer DJ marketplace.

It’s going to be a sample pack made mainly of the guitar and Bass noises made in the tracks, Also some flute and backing vocals from our two friends that helped with Mad Castle.

Who are you listening to for inspiration these days?

Griz and Subtronics are big inspirations right now but mainly listening to Remi Wolf/ Neil Francis/ and Yoke Lore recently, I actually don’t listen to Bass Music that often haha.

What are your top 5 favorite VST’s at the moment?

Rift/ Saturn/ Manipulator/ Portal/ and BDE.

What can we expect from you in 2022?

Tons of Collabs and originals, Also a Tech House Music Video About Dabs!

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

MAD-LAB which stands for “Mad-Collaboration” as well as “Music and Science” is meant to show that you need to follow your heart and do what feels right which is what led to the whole project coming together in the first place. We have Custom Lab Coats that we will perform in that glow with blacklight as well as incorporating Smoke bubbles with the Live Show.

Stream/Download the MAD-LAB EP here.

Purchase the MAD-LAB Sample Pack Vol. 1 here.

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