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New edm music release and edm artist Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger – EDM Production Insights


From playing classical piano music to making EDM, Liquid Stranger is widely regarded as a righteous music producer that strives to take his music beyond the interface. Watch above as Liquid Stranger talks with Ill.Gates about his edm production, mixing music genres and combining his different influences for music inspiration.

Liquid Stranger has a virtuous work ethic. He is super dedicated to his hobbies, works and passions that he refers to as “bottomless wells”. A bottomless well to Liquid Stranger is like a journey that you cannot master because there is always more to learn. He feels that way about making music and martial arts. They are both a passion that he can continue to grow and learn about everyday.

His strong dedication for making music has led him on an amazing journey of being able to share his amazing musical creations with us. But believe it or not, he is still holding on to much of his creations because he has not found the right moment to share it. So make sure you go support Liquid Stranger on his music making journey so he becomes intrigued to share more music with us. 🙂

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