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New EDM releases 2022

Late Night Beat Tape Cypher Curated by Memory Code

The goal of this Cypher was to create a dope lo-fi instrumental hip hop beat using at least 1 sample from Memory Code’s sample pack. It’s all about using texture, vibe, and pocket/groove to help the late night listener zone out to another dimension. The final mix is reminiscent of the beat tapes that producers use to shop their beats to emcees and record labels, and which have also become a popular listening format for fans.

Please visit the artists below and follow them to learn more.

Track list:
Godface [@godface] – “self talk” – 00:13
No Rush [@theresnorush] – “still crushed” – 02:09
Haptec [@haptec] – “solarium” – 03:48
Lucien Francis [@lucien-francis] – “bodies in space” – 05:31
GooseTronics [@goosetronics] – “make the call” – 07:16
Memory Code [@memorycode] – “sleepwalking through our ascension” – 08:09
Digital Sage [@digital-sage] – “owls” – 10:00
Slowform [@slowform] – “you’ll know more tomorrow” – 11:20
iLLi PiL [@illipil] – “simmer down” – 12:00
Schuz [@schuzmusic] – “smooth talk” – 12:45
Modality [@modality_music] – “ephemeral” – 14:27
Hello Ego [@helloego] – “your touch” – 15:46
DreamTonic [@dreamtonicmusic] – “longing” – 17:30

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