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ill.Methodology Workshop by iLL.Gates.

ill.Methodology Workshop – Music Production Guide

ill.Methodology | Music Production

Watch The First Hour Of The ill.METHODOLOGY Workshop For FREE!

  • Why do some people have a great time writing music when others seem to spin their wheels in the studio? 
  • Why do some artists seem naturally original while others languish in imitation forever?
  • Why do some make great tracks using only 4 sounds when others use 1,000 to make crap?
  • Why do some tracks made in a day beat tracks made in a year?
  • Why does the work of some amateurs crush the efforts of diligent professionals?
  • Why can some producers make 10 tracks in the time another producer only makes 1?
ill.Methodology Workshop by iLL.Gates
EDM Artist and Music Producer ill.Gates on ProducerDJ

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