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ill.Gates presents: The Class of 808 Volume 2

In January 2017, we released ‘The Class Of 808,’ the culmination of many artists’ hard work with ill.Gates in his production classes. Since then the project has grown into the Producer Dojo and a network of artists who are all producing cutting edge tunes.

The Class of 808 Vol.2 showcases some of the choice picks from the Dojo and also puts on display the versatility and unique talents in the Producer Dojo. ill.Gates & Mitch Brady give us a beautiful kickoff to the release with a gentle groover that radiates good vibes, Seancy then launches into a bouncy Reggae influenced skank that is reminiscent of Dub FX style tunes,Trigem then takes it into heavier territory with a heavy banger that is followed by an even heavier halftime tune by emerging stars Vaedynn & Matter and then it’s all rounded off with some really energetic vibes with a bouncy, bass driven broken beat and house music fusion tune by Veinz.

If we all join together in promoting this EP we can lift up our fellow dojo artists and help get their careers to the next level.

Please support these talented artists by buying The Class of 808 Volume 2 EP on Beatport here.

Please also blast this link on your socials:

Thank you in advance for your support.

If you would like to join our community of artists, learn more about us here.

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