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ill.Gates Interviews Seppa

ill.Gates was extremely lucky to receive an hour and a half of time from none other than the off the charts talented Seppa! Seppa is a founder and core member of the independent collective Slug Wife, based out of Bristol, UK.

Slug Wife is home to numerous incredible artists such as FFINN, Reso, Kursa, Broken Note, Lone Drum, and Fanu/FatGyver just to name a few. The Slug Wife collective, along with Seppa, have been releasing mind blowing music in the realms of drum n bass, leftfield, and dubstep, while captivating underground bass lovers along the way.

Check out this insightful interview where they discuss what’s new in life, and with their music. Afterwards, Seppa takes you on a brief tour of his background and history while sharing insights into his approach to music making.

You wont want to miss it when the conversation shifts gears to exploring Seppa’s amazing new EP Elision, out now!

Join ill.Gates and Seppa as they listen to the tracks “Epilogue” and “Like That”, and then share a meaningful discussion over each song where you’ll learn the different methods and processes Seppa uses when starting a new project.

Follow and support Seppa across social media and his artist pages HERE!

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