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how to read the crowd

How To Win The Crowd Back

Reading the crowd as a DJ is one thing, but winning the crowd back is a whole other journey. You may need to win the crowd back because they are not feeling it or there is a technical difficulty where a mass amount of people leave the stage.

That’s when you reach for the “secret weapon” aka “guaranteed dance floor dynamite” playlist.

This playlist should be tracks that are 100% certified crowd pleasers that are recognizable and high energy right from the first second of the recording. Usually it’s an older, recognizable hit that has been remixed… nothing too experimental and often it’s based on a track that everyone knows and loves. Think House Of Pain remixes or DJ Kool + Farman Scoop’s bootleg remix of “It Takes Two”.

Start keeping that folder for emergencies.

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Lots of love

Dylan aka ill.Gates

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