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How To Quantize Quintuplets – Songs With 5/4 Time Signature

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Creating songs with 5/4 time signatures and beats in the divisions of fives or sevens is not hard! In this music production tutorial learn how to prepare your music file, BPM’s and time signature so you can make songs with a 5/4 time signature and have the best quantized quintuplets. Quantized quintuplets are super awesome for boom bap hip hop and lo fi hip hop beats.

Step 1 – Decide if you are using beats of five or beats of seven. For fives set the grid to 5/4 time signature and for sevens set the gird to 7/4 time signature.

Step 2 – Render out a bar at a normal bpm to see how long it is. For example render out a bar at 85 bpm.

Step 3 – To calculate the rest of the grid turn off time warp and drag the bpm until four bars line up with four beats of the loop.

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