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How To Pay It Forward In The Music Industry

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Paying it forward is great for networking and building relationships with other music producers. The best way to pay it forward is to be supportive!

Support other edm producers music! Listen to their music, leave a comment and share their music with your friends. Check out new edm releases from our featured artists.

Social Media
Follow other music producers online and engage with their posts. Share, comment and like their posts. Super supportive fans sometimes turn into real friends.

Watch other music producers perform in person and on live streams. Post about the event your attending and invite other friends and music producers to join you. An awesome monthly live stream to check out is the Dojo TV House Party. It is a free edm livestream event with music and edm tutorials. Sometimes there is free giveaways. 🙂

Get inspired by other music producers and make new music or remixes. Then share your new music or remix with the music producer that inspired you. Musicians love the positive reinforcement that they are making a positive impact on others. Learn more about remixing by watching How To Remix.

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