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How To Make Endless Smile Rack – Melody Transitions


Use the Endless Smile VST for smooth melody transitions with automated, manipulated reverbs. Manipulated reverbs make edm sound really modern and glitchy at the same time. Here’s how to make an audio effect rack for manipulating reverb without the Endless Smile VST.

Auto Filter
Add an auto filter and set it to high pass mode. The auto filter has analog emulations modes that give it a great sound. Try the PRD mode.

Add the reverb to the audio effect rack. Use the wet dry, decay time, the size and the stereo. The reverb will get more intense as the high pass gets more intense.

In the auto filter adjust the on and off settings. That will determine when the reverb effect is being applied. It will help you control the tail of the reverb.

how to make edm melody
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