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Get The Cheese by Munchii

After three years, the long awaited Get the Cheese release is here.
Munchii brings out a full feast in this one, taking you through a sporadic journey of mindless partying (“Chicken Wing”), raw rage (“Temper Tantrum”), deep introspection (“Dry Eyes”), and more mindless partying (“Gum” and “How 2 Stunt”). Pulling from dubstep, trap and house, this little blue guy bursts through barriers like the Kool-Aid man to bring you some bass heavy tunes that make your eardrums tickle. His unrestrained ability to iterate on the theme leaves you wondering just what will happen next as you rush through sixteen minutes of head banging, foot shuffling and body bouncing bangers.

Artist bio:  
Producing music to escape reality since the age of 11, Maryland-based DJ, Munchii, has taken pride in exploring new territory in the field of energetic rave music. Switching indiscriminately between house, dubstep and jersey club, he juxtaposes both humor and rage to keep his audience on their feet. He lives for the ability to connect people to a world of vigor and excitement, donning colorful, cartoony visuals and fluctuating the interval between spastic and steady in his live shows. In October 2020, he won Kermode’s “Chameleon” remix contest with a dark and gritty bass house bop, making use of his catchy, rhythmic basslines and moody atmospheres. With a stockpile of new collabs, shows and new music, Munchii is set to break the scale in the near future.

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