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EDM Production training Track Feedback with 6th Street on Dojo TV

EDM Track Feedback with 6TH STREET


It’s no secret that track feedback is an important part of becoming a better music producer. So at the Dojo we offer our members a variety of ways to get track feedback. We have Feedback Fridays, Work In Progress Wednesdays (WIP) and Track Feedback sessions at our events. Track Feedback is one of the most appreciated services offered at the Dojo and our members really enjoy it. You can get unlimited track feedback with our Dojo Max Membership.

Knard – X-Zone

Munchii – How 2 Stunt

Slowform – Honest Expression

EDM tutorials to learn how to make edm music in Ableton and other DAWS.
EDM Artist and Music Producer 6TH STREET on ProducerDJ

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