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New Spooky EDM Music Cypher 032: 80s Horror curated by We Forgot...

Cypher 032: 80s Horror curated by We Forgot… | New EDM

New Spooky EDM Album Cypher 032: 80s Horror curated by We Forgot…was to create a song inspired by 80s Horror movies while incorporating synthesizers from the 80s. The results are pretty spooky and a great listen at any Halloween party. Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to Scott Thorpe (We Forgot…) for the amazing curation job on this Cypher!

Features EDM Songs by LiquidAcrobat, d15k0b3ta, modality_music & Squidotrevs-music, bass-ick_math, Mufunka, spook-e_music, undergroundassembly, weforgot, evenstyler, Spiderhound, Thekillromeos, sweetspotedm, boomsayer, dreamtonicmusic, needlepoint_music, Tyraze, dreamtonicmusic & lucien-francis and helloego

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