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Coaching For Music Producers


Producer Dojo is a thriving coaching community where music producers train, grow, get paid and collaborate. Founded by acclaimed bass music pioneer, ill.Gates, the Producer Dojo Label showcases the work of ill.Gates’ “Class of 808”, an elite squad trained in the ill.Methodology by the man himself. Get involved with the coaching community by joining The Weekly Download – a full archive of music tutorials and tools for modern producers – and by remixing your life with a Dojo Max membership.

Lucien Fancis

Thomas Xavier


Sharrol Kelby

Samson Sound

Jayden Tera

Mr. Moo

Future Twist


EDM tutorials to learn how to make edm music in Ableton and other DAWS.
EDM Artist and Music Producer ill.Gates on ProducerDJ


Learn how to make EDM with Dojo Max

DOJO MAX is the Complete Solution I Always Wanted

It’s my way of showing you how to literally REMIX YOUR LIFE

I have touched lives with my art, but I TRANSFORM lives with Producer Dojo. There is a big difference in how it feels to see producers I’ve helped crush it out in all avenues of music world and I am HOOKED!
That’s why I designed the DOJO MAX membership to fit in any producer’s workflow and for every type of genre, sound, style, and skill level.

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