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Ableton In Person: What to Expect from Your User Group

What’s my favorite thing about Ableton? It would have to be their focus on local communities through the User Groups, and their passion for education, with programs like the Push Initiative.  Ableton’s continuing support and love for Students and Educators alike, has been a driving force in communities around the world. As a fellow organizer, along with Samuel Peña, for the Phoenix User Group, I’ve watched the Musicians and Collectives in this city flourish as a direct result of Ableton’s involvement over the last two years.

What is an Ableton User Group and what do they do for the communities they serve? Ableton has not only helped shape a culture of motivated Musicians, but it has consistently provided support for cities across the world. They have created an open environment for Musicians and Artists to collaborate and to continually learn from each other. The foundation of the User Group, is the ‘Come As You Are’ attitude.  No matter what age, background or skill level, the Ableton User Group welcomes and accommodates anyone with an open and friendly attitude who is willing to learn.  

The User Group in Phoenix doesn’t stop at the meetings. It has grown into a collective of its own, filled with Artists willing to push each other’s boundaries. Ableton’s community has continually made me proud and been an amazing source of knowledge and guidance.  For me, the most exciting thing has been watching so many Artists hone in their production skills and form an expansive community that allows students to find other like minded individuals to collaborate with.

We have had the privilege of hosting some incredibly knowledgeable Ableton Employees and Certified Trainers, as well as Local Producers and Musicians. Topics have ranged from Beat Making to Audio Recording 101. Some of the deeper functions of Drum Rack were covered and we were even fortunate enough to have an advanced walk through of Live 10.

How do you get involved?  Everything is laid out on Ableton’s website at:  

You’ll find a full list of the Cities and Countries around the world that Ableton is supporting.  Even better, if you don’t see your City listed, you can email ableton at:

I know that if you’re new to Ableton or Producing Music in general, that this can be intimidating. Personally, I’ve seen the User Group platform give the countless Musicians who attend, opportunities that would not have been possible without the space to come together.  

I am super grateful that I was able to meet and share my story with ill.gates and KJ Sawka recently and I appreciate you taking the time to read about my experience. You can see more about what I’m working on and what we’re doing in Phoenix through my perspective on Instagram @Lev9K and on the Phoenix User Group’s Facebook:

Please, leave a Comment and Share this around if you want to get involved with the User Group in YOUR City.

A very special thank you to Javad, Huston, Tony, and Dave for the wealth of Knowledge and Support. To my Partner and Co-Organizer in this whole endeavor Samuel Peña. To my best friend Rhandy, for always pushing me and listening to the Ableton Metronome for the last 9 years. To Darren Kramer, Josh Weatherspoon, Ken Porter, Steven Tranzit and Mikey Hayek for taking the time to come teach, and to the Beat Lab, Guild, Brunch Collect, AZ Beat Lab, Under Society, Beat Mecca, Nasty Humanz, Techno Snobs, Dvina, The House Connection, Drip Drop, and all of my Ableton Heads who really make it possible.

AZ Way Too Active.

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