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Ableton Effects vs Third Party VST Effects

Ableton effects and third party vst effects are great for producing music! Figuring which ones to use, and when, can be the challenging part. Many music producers have their own preference on what to use when.

I mostly use the Ableton stock effects when I write because they run so smooth and are so light on the processor. When I’m mixing and finishing is where I do all my crazy 3rd party stuff and resampling and all that. It’s also really important to limit your options while you write. You gotta express your emotions before the moment fades and shifts.

I am super passionate about music workflow. I have taught many music producers how to get past creative roadblocks, turn ideas into songs and produce more music. Mastering music workflow (and sound design) is the secret ingredient to turning your music hobby into a career. Also learning how to properly prepare for an awesome mixing session is super important!

The best way to learn all my secrets for music workflow and sound design is to join my subscription service The Weekly Download.

If you are only interested in learning music workflow then join The Workflow Workshop. This workshop focuses on teaching you my music workflow secrets and how to turn your ideas into tracks in 30 mins with timer beats!

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Lots of love

Dylan aka ill.Gates

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