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best music production tips for edm producers

1 Production Tip and 1 DJ Tip For Every Artist

For production:

Quality comes through QUANTITY so learn finishing before you learn any of the fancy stuff.

You can do this by learning music workflow. If you really need to know why music workflow is so important watch this video I made, Why Learn Music Workflow?

If you are ready to learn music workflow then join The Workflow Workshop. This workshop focuses on teaching you my music workflow secrets and how to turn your ideas into tracks in 30 mins with timer beats!

When you are ready to learn all the fancy stuff, like sound design for bass, drums, vocals and such, then subscribe to The Weekly Download. It’s your one stop shop to learn everything about making awesome music and being a music producer.

For DJs:

A good DJ knows when to WAIT. Stop trying to prove you know how to scratch or beat mix these long blends. Nobody who bought a ticket cares about that. They just want the system to sound good so they can enjoy themselves and most of the time a mastered record is gonna sound best on its own. It is more important to learn How To Make Music For Every Sound System from the start.

I can teach you more about DJing through my DJing course Get a sneak preview of my DJ course here.

If you learned anything useful please consider checking out my renegade music coaching community and record label over at

Lots of love

Dylan aka ill.Gates

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