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New EDM Music Releases Memory Code

The Phosphorescence Of Thought by Memory Code

New EDM The Phosphorescence Of Thought by Memory Code blends modern sound design with boom bap hip hop sensibilities to create a bass-heavy, melodic, and glitchy sonic masterpiece. Inspired by the multidimensional, saturating glow of consciousness that radiates from all physical and ethereal beings, Memory Code keeps one foot in the past and one in the future to create a timeless collection of tracks.

Artist bio:
Memory Code is the electronic/hip hop vision of producer, educator, drummer, and author of The Breakbeat Bible, Mike Adamo. Years of studying and touring as a drummer have given him a deep knowledge of classic funk, soul, and hip hop beats and breaks. He’s now combining that knowledge with golden era hip hop sensibilities and the cutting-edge techniques of modern electronic music production to create a timeless style.

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