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New EDM Release Producer Dojo Cypher17

Spiderhound Partners with Splice on Cypher 017

In 2019, I partnered with Splice on a mixtape challenge that incorporated a bespoke sample pack of 100 Splice Samples.  The requirements for the cypher were to create an original song only using the sounds from the Producer Dojo Cypher 017 Splice Cypher Sample Pack.  

The results are spectacular and they prove that the same samples in the hands of 24 different artists will yield 24 very different and unique sounding songs.

The most challenging aspect of this cypher was managing the redemption codes for the sample pack so that our Ninjas did not have to pay to download them.  This required developing a submission form and a tracking spreadsheet and a very close partnership with our Ninjas and the team at Splice. There were also plenty of support tickets that needed to be resolved due to technical issues, but once everyone had their sample pack it was pretty smooth sailing. My advice for future curators is to try to keep it as simple as possible. As a curator you are the architect of the project so try to set up a challenge that doesn’t require too many moving parts.

I am proud of all of the artists who participated in this Cypher and I don’t want to single out any one artist.  Kudos to everyone for your partnership and hard work on this. I am truly blown away by the finished product!

Vote for your 3 favorite songs!

Our partners at Splice have an extra special gift for Cypher 017 participants. The top 3 Ninjas, determined by your votes, will receive a 1 year free subscription to Splice Sounds. Vote now and let us know your 3 favorite songs. Voting ends on Sunday February 16, 2020 at 11pm Eastern Time.

Cast your Vote here

If you haven’t had a chance to hear Cypher 017: Splice Sounds yet, check it out here.

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