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Nick Loporchio (PORCH) is Class of 808 Ninja of The Month

We are proud to announce that Nick Loporchio (PORCH) has just earned his Purple Belt and he is the Class of 808 Ninja of the month!

Nick, Congratulations on achieving your Purple Belt! Tell us about your musical journey and how did it lead you to ill.Gates, The Producer Dojo and the Class of 808? 

Thank you SO MUCH! Coming from all the amazing people I’m surrounded with I’m truly humbled to be here right now.

Funny story, I was at a 2019 New Years event “Coalesce” in the bay, a year ago. I rolled up with a bunch of my childhood friends. The lineup was awesome. 3 nights, 2 Tipper sets, Liquid Stranger, Jade Cicada, Spoonbill and a bunch of other amazing artists.

After the Tipper Sunrise set, I obviously wasn’t sleeping so I took my computer out. I’d been messing around in Garageband and Logic for the past year. I made a really cool 8 bar loop, my friends all liked it, it was dope. I always really struggled in taking it any further. I had no real sense of “workflow” and I “finished” 3-4 Songs in 2018. 

Later that morning, as everyone was dozing off around 8am, I asked the Universe to connect me with the information, but more importantly the community I needed to be in to produce and make bass music.

I googled “Los Angeles Producer EDM class.” I saw a few Ads at the top I’d seen around, and then I saw Producer Dojo and Class of 808. It looked a lot different. People around the country I could collaborate with! A team of people on the same Mission! I had heard of ill.Gates & really dug his music, but had no idea this was a thing! I looked at the clock, it was also 8:08 a.m. I found & watched the iLL Methodology on Youtube and signed up the next day.

Where are you from originally? Can you describe your life using only song titles? 

I’m from a place called Acton, California. It’s on the North edge of Los Angeles country.

Using only song titles, might feel like: 

Kaya – Bob Marley

Traveling Man – John Browns Body

Just Jammin’ – Gramatik

Lost in Space – The Widdler

Check Me After Dark – Zion I Kings

Tell me about your latest band and your bass playing.  How long have you been playing bass?

Our band is called Iya TerraI would say my journey started when I was in 6th grade. I started playing classical music in a handbell ensemble, lead by my great friend Lawrence Rowland. My parents also got me a guitar for Christmas that year. I was pretty hooked from then on. I kind of fell out of it a bit 18-21. I was at UCLA studying molecular biology & life really wasn’t very gratifying just going and clocking in day in day out. I had loved reggae since high school, and started to go to some shows now that I was down in the city. I decided to try something new playing bass. Bass players were always hard to find, so I went and got a used one at the Guitar Center and started teaching myself. 

A few months later, I went and saw a band, Iration, who oddly enough we are on tour with this month. I knew I needed to be doing this, so I went on craigslist and put an ad up. I got a response from a guy Nathan Feinstein who had just moved to L.A. went to an Iration show & was also inspired to start a group. He played guitar and sang & instantly we hit it off. I knew really early on me and Nate would be brothers for life. We went through a slew of drummers & finally got a solid lineup after a few months. We practiced 1-2 times a week every week (still do 7 years later), played our first shows & recorded our EP by the end of that year. I managed to finish college in 2015 as we kind of started to be on the road full time.

The rest is History 🙂

What made you want to become a music producer? What do you do when you are not producing music?  

Being in a band we all started writing songs in GB or Logic to bring everyone’s musical ideas to the table. Playing music live with my boys is the biggest high ever, you can’t replace it. I’m super grateful.

While that keeps me busy alot, I also have a HUGE love for bass music going to shows dancing & festivaling. I figured why not try making some? I already had some basic knowledge of how to use a DAW, hit record & draw MIDI. Once I went to that show on new years I was like okay, I can do this, I know I can.

Ultimately I hope my music can express the connection & my passion for dub, roots, live & electronic music. When I’m not doing music, I enjoy hiking, yoga, spending time with my family & friends.

What is your Studio set up like and what are your top 5 favorite VST’s?

Over the last few years My dad and I have been building a tiny house. I have about 150 SQ Square Feet of studio underneath my bed. It’s pretty simple. I have a Macbook & PC tower that I hook up to a big screen. I have 2 analog pieces right now; a Korg Minilogue and a No-Coast Make Noise. I love my DJTT 3D MIDI FIghter SO MUCH! Universal Audio Apollo,  JBL 5” Monitors, a subpac. There’s also a barn studio with a ton of live instruments and such nextdoor where my band rehearses. 

Top 5 VST’s: 1. OTT 2. Decapitator 3. Valhalla 4. Echoboy 5. UAD Fabfilter Plugins

What are your plans for your music (both near term and long term goals)?

Short Term – I Hope to put my EP out on the label, and start playing a ton of gigs.  My band is out 6-7 months out of the year, luckily balancing the two have been pretty easy thus far. Being organized has been everything. So a big goal is keeping the balance there healthy. Improving my bass playing, band and producer skills all the same. I don’t see myself ever stopping. There is no limit!

What are the top 3 “game changing” lessons that you learned as a member of the Class of 808?


2. You, sometimes, are your own worst enemy. Comparing yourself and being inside your head will take you out of the flow everytime.

3. Having goals & holding myself accountable; short term goals to fuel the fire for the long term goals to happen.

If you could go back 10 years ago and advise your younger self of just 1 thing, what would that advice be? 

Always be yourself.

Do you ever experience writer’s block in the studio? How do you overcome it? How often do you make music?

It seems to happen less and less but it still will happen. I like to just start organizing files, going through my library, getting new sounds, going to shows, watching videos and doing sound design. I almost always seem to get some huge wave of inspiration while doing a timer : ). Also just getting out of my normal element, taking a day off, bringing my laptop somewhere different and making beats on a train or something.

What are your favorite genres of music at the moment and who are your top 5 favorite artists right now?

– Reggae, Dubstep, Hip Hop

– Bob Marley 


– Ganja White Night

– The Widdler

– Ott

Are you involved in any other music production communities?

Between my band and producing I’m pretty busy.

If you met with a music producer that was on the fence about joining Producer Dojo what would you tell them?

Watch the iLL Methology! Dylan has such a way with words; his knowledge and skills speak for themselves. I haven’t had to do much else after that!

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

I Just want to give a huge thanks again to every person in the Dojo who I’ve gotten to connect with this year — I’m so excited for what’s to come for everyone. This is a special community that has become my family. If you ever see “Iya Terra” close to you, please reach out. I’d love to meet as many people in our community all around the country!

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