New EDM Music release Kursa

Interview: Kursa serves us The Final Course and reveals what’s to come next

Kursa is making moves. Hailing from Bristol, UK, his sound design is capturing, innovative and straight next level - he's ...
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KJ SAWKA of Pendulum and Destroid is on a mission as he shares his experience

KJ SAWKA is on a mission as he continues to trigger full on production through drum and bass experiences, making ...
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New EDM Music release Seppa

Interview: Seppa unveils splendid YesYesYes EP, Slug Wife and goals

Seppa. is an artist who's evolving by continually pushing his production skills and technical advances to innovative phases. In a ...
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New EDM Music release Stephan Jacobs and Pockitz

Interview: Stephan Jacobs and Pockitz – Holdin It Down feat. Talia Bentson and NEAKS

Stephan Jacobs and Pockitz ( Matt Madonna of Love and Light ) teamed up earlier this Fall to bring us ...
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