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Metasine – Transcend Sound EP

Metasine is the artistic project and vision of Boston, MA based music producer and saxophonist, Connor Jay Proctor. Connor’s musical style combines floor shaking bass with funky breakdowns, mind bending drops, and classic sing alongs. As a ninja and sensei of Producer Dojo’s Class of 808, Connor perpetually explores new levels of physical refinement and emotional impact in his sound. Throw on your dancing shoes and catch Metasine tearing up a dance floor near you!

What is the difference between sound and music? At what point does a pattern of vibrations become an emotion? This dualism of mind and body seems to evaporate in the presence of beauty. Whether it be a sine wave or light wave, the divide between the physical and emotional deteriorates when we become immersed in something bigger than us. “Transcend Sound” is an homage to this concept. This project aims to provide you with a unique musical experience, help you to expand yourself, feel your feelings, and become immersed in something bigger than you. 

Stream Download Here.

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