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New EDM Music release illexandria

Illexxandra delivers on “Out The Shadows”

Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Illexxandra draws from the worlds of soundsystem culture, global bass, future sounds, funk, electro swing, and classic club styles. Her productions are a crafty combo move of raw ferocity with deep musical knowledge, and range from technically intricate to fabulously fantastical. Illexxandra’s latest Producer Dojo EP release, “Out The Shadows” defies categorization, but one thing is for sure –  it brings the BASS!  I caught up with Lexi in between sets at Burning Man to learn more about her creative process and live performance approach. Thank you in advance for showing your support of the release by purchasing on BEATPORT.

Lexi, tell us about “Out The Shadows.”  When did you begin working on the EP and how long of an adventure has it been?

Each of the tracks had a different trajectory. One track I started a year and a half ago. Two of the tracks were made over the course of a couple days, right before the EP was solidified.

Can you share the story of “Out The Shadows?” How did you come up with the concept and what is your aesthetic vision for Illexxandra?

The title “Out The Shadows” refers to a few things. First, as my debut solo EP of original music, I wanted the title to represent emerging onto the scene. The subtext though is about shining a light in the dark corners, like the character does in the album art. It also suggests my journey as a queer person, coming out of the shadows.

For the EP itself, I was going for tracks with a halftime feel, pushing the envelope of what’s been done before. I’m very happy with the results.

What is your live performance set up and approach?

I use Serato with either a DJM-900 NXS2 or a Korg Kaoss DJ. I play like a DJ rather than a live PA, working the crowd and going with the flow. DJing is an underappreciated and poorly understood art, full of nuanced details.

How many live shows do you perform in a calendar year?

Over 100 last year.

Do you have a favorite venue or festival that you love to play?

I’m playing the Outlook Festival for the second time this year. Performing in a fortress on the Mediterranean doesn’t suck!

Can you share any tips and advice on how to get booked at Festivals?

Make friends with the organizers. And follow that up with excellent productions! Don’t let a negative response slow you down, there’s always another festival and there’s always next year.

What is your home studio setup like and how often do you make music?

I work on music every day. I have Eve monitors, and my Subpac is crucial. I work in Ableton and rely heavily on plugins. My interface is an Apollo Twin Quad.

What creative ways do you promote your music?

I enjoy making sound-reactive videos of my songs.

Is there one song that you are most proud of on your latest EP?  If yes, why?

I love all my children! Each of them push the envelope in different ways. But for one example, I’m very proud of Megabite in that it switches up the rhythmic feel within every phrase but still stays danceable and keeps the energy moving.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Big thanks to the Producer Dojo staff and Ninjas!

If you haven’t had a chance to hear “Out The Shadows” yet, please do yourself a favor and Stream/Download here.

To learn more about Illexxandra, please follow her on Social Media here:

Illexxandra – FB, TW, SC, IG, Website

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