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Who’s A GoodBoi New Sabudani Khichdi EP

Raghav Wagh aka Who’s A GoodBoi is a sound engineer and an electronic bass music producer from Ahmedabad (India), currently residing in Toronto (Canada). His latest Producer Dojo EP release, Sabudana Khichdi takes you on a wild ride from Electronic to Jazz Breaks and everything in between. We enjoyed catching up with Raghav to learn more about his music production journey.

Congratulations on the release of your Sabudana Khichdi EP!  How much time did it take for you to complete and what is the EP about? 

This EP was written 1.5 yrs back at the peak of COVID. I was changing countries. Left India, came to Toronto to start my school. 

Who’s A GoodBoi – Sabudana Khichdi EP

How do you get ideas for your songs?  

This is the most difficult and the most easy question to answer at the same time. I am always in search of an inspiration and constantly humming something. I like to hum patterns and then some of them get glued in the brain and are re-created. 

What other artists do you listen to for inspiration?

Anything and everything. My soundcloud, spotify list keeps evolving and changing. But some of my constants are Tigran Hamasyan, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, A.R.Rahman, Ivy Lab, Koan Sound, Snarky Puppy, Michel Jackson, Flume, Clozee, Hiatus Kayote, Kaytranada.

Who’s A GoodBoi – Raghav Wagh

How do you approach collaborations?  Do you have any advice for others who are trying to collaborate?

I tend to only collab with vocalists because I cant sing to save my life. And I feel vocals are an integral part of a record if you want your audience to connect. As a producer I will only collaborate as a remixer with other producers. I dont think I can produce a record with another producer as I am a very reactive artist i.e. even a small sample can trigger me to change the direction of the whole record or the whole product. My brain works in layers and I am thinking multiple things at a time.

Tell us about your new product(s) on the Producer DJ Marketplace.

I have made all of the Stems from my Sabudana Khichdi EP available for purchase. You can purchase your favorite song or purchase the entire bundle.

What can we expect from you in 2023 and beyond? 

A lot of music, personal training for artists, sound packs, hopefully I get the patience to write an album, but EPs for sure. Some remixes for friends.

Who’s A GoodBoi – Sabudana Khichdi EP Stream/Download

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